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About Me

Well!! How should I explain what cooking means to me! I feel like my soul is getting healed while cooking.

While studying I never thought of cooking.. in fact I never dared to give it a try.. My Mom was the one who handled the whole cooking affair at home.My younger sister did always have a soft corner towards cooking and she thoroughly enjoyed it while I dreaded it a lot.

But then as they say “every dog has his day”!! 🙂 So.. one fine day I had mine.. I had to move out of the comfort zone of my home and my mom’s food, to a different city . Then I realized that I need to enter kitchen if I want to eat and remain healthy. This was the beginning of my affair with cooking. The more I understood the art and science of cooking, the more I fell in love with it. And this love is growing day by day.

So, here I am sharing my experiences and my recipes so that somewhere someone like me may get benefited by this.

xoxo 🙂