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OMG! I feel pretty delighted while framing this blog post. I am Subrata and this is my very first blogging award and all ‘firsts times’ definitely hold a special place in one’s heart. I started blogging recently around July last week of 2017. I feel each and every blogger around me is very very talented and there is something or the other to learn from each one of them. I am still learning and learning from the awesome writers over here 🙂

I have been nominated by my fellow blogger friend Sachu from She owns this wonderful page with varieties of delicious recipes of many categories. Please do visit her page for so many wonderful recipes.

Thank you so much Sachu for nominating my page for the award.

Now as per the rules I need to answer the questions she has asked in the award nomination. So, here are those with my answers:

  1. What was your recent kitchen disaster? :: Well, I always try to put my hands on cake decoration. This is one of the area I am trying to learn. Recently for my sister’s anniversary I baked a cake and tried to decorate it. But somehow I did not like the end result. Though taste of the cake was awesome, I failed at the decoration. Many may not agree this as a disaster, but for me it was no less than a disaster.
  2. How do you take critics of your blog? :: Constructively. I always welcome any constructive criticism for my blog.
  3. Whose your best/worst critic of your blog? :: I may be able to answer this question few months down the line. I am a beginner in blogging platform and have got many positive feedback till date.
  4. Your favorite cuisine? :: Indian cuisine is always the closest to my heart. It includes cuisines from all parts of India.
  5. If blogging was not in your life? :: Apart from blogging, my favourite pastimes are cooking, photography etc.


I am nominating below wonderful bloggers for the sunshine blogger award.

  1. Prateek @
  2. Sowmya @
  3. Pooja @
  4. Sneha @
  5. Sreelakshmi @
  6. Nadia @
  7. Vidya @
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  9. Sweta @
  10. Nisha @
  11. Ankita @
  12. Jyoti @
  13. Jyo @
  14. Delicious Addiction @
  15. Kiran @
  16. Anshu @


Some fun questions to these awesome fellow bloggers:

  1. What is your favorite ingredient to cook with?
  2. What is the ingredient you find the most difficult to work with?
  3. What else is your hobby apart from blogging?
  4. Given a chance, which cuisine would you like to experiment with?
  5. What is the maximum number of dishes you have cooked alone for any occasion and for how many people? 🙂


Happy Blogging!

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